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bogato paris : draw on your cookies !

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superheros cookies by Bogato


The E-Glue team’s had her eye on the Bogato cakes for some time… as much for their incredible shapes as for their immediate appetizing effect ! Graphic Design and Pastry conjugated together for stunning results.

We had already had the opportunity to highlight them on this blog Now. But, here are their latest news : some shortbread cookies for kids (but not only) you can draw on with the provided food pens. A great gift idea for good kids, no ?!

Treat your eyes by visiting their site and online store !

nice bed legs for kids room by quintus

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Decorative Bed Legs for Kids Rooms by Quintus

QUINTUS // first designer of children’s bed legs

Quintus brings finishing and colorful touch to your children’s bed legs ! This first bed leg designer offers different designs, patterns and solid colors to match their room decorations and accessories : the Wood collection for natural wood bed legs dressed with a nice silicon collar, Color for colorful bed legs to choose among a wide color chart, Graffiti and its Kids range for patterned bed legs ! Both collections, Premium for textured legs and high quality coatings as well as Light to enlighten the bedside rug, will also appeal to parents. It’s the little details that can make all the difference !

explaining the news to our kids with le p’tit libé

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LE P'TIT LIBÉ N°3 - Paris Attacks, November 13th 2015

LE P’TIT LIBÉ N°3 // How to explain the Paris attacks ?

Le P’tit Libé, it’s a monthly interactive topic that explains the news to kids. The issue n°3 helps parents to talk to their children about the Paris attacks on November 13th 2015, supports them to find the right words and explain the inexplicable.

encore ! :: more than ecological toys for kids

eco-friendly toys and plushes
wooden ecological toys, houses, furniture by French brand Encore !

ENCORE ! by Nina and Lionel ASTRUC // eco-designed toys, houses, furniture and plushes

A new French brand of green and ethical toys, great !

At Encore !, we work on the basis that kids can learn about ecology while having fun. Nina and Lionel Astruc, the founders, have worked many years to design their toys, create an eco-friendly manufacturing channel and finally launch their first collection : an eco-district with wooden houses, pieces and little residents so as to explain how a green house works and what are the basic principles.

But beyond being educational supports, toys by Encore ! do not forget the aesthetics and match harmoniously the children’s world with their combination of natural wood and pastel colors.

Eco-design toys Encore ! by Nina and Lionel ASTRUC

ENCORE ! by Nina and Lionel ASTRUC // green toys, houses, furniture and plushes

colorful playground for children !

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children's playground for the Madre Museum by Daniel Buren and Patrick Bouchain

DANIEL BUREN & PATRICK BOUCHAIN // playground for kids at Madre Museum

A nice collaboration between the French artist Daniel Buren and architect Patrick Bouchain for designing a fun playground for kids with colorful geometric structures at the Madre Museum of Naples.

Children's playground for the Madre Museum by Daniel Buren and Patrick Bouchain

DANIEL BUREN & PATRICK BOUCHAIN // playground for kids at Madre Museum