the brand E-GLUE

Founded in 2006 by French designers Marielle Baldelli and Sébastien Messerschmidt, E-Glue is a studio specialized in mascots, illustration, graphic design and product design, at the same time as the children’s design brand with same name.

Over the years, the E-Glue studio was able to transfer its style, internationally recognized by prestigious clients and publications, on its various ranges of wall stickers, wallpapers, furniture and decor accessories for baby nursery and kids room, trying new ways to add personality to all their spaces.

our values



E-Glue has its own unique style, recognizable amongst all ! Graphic plays, creativity and bright colors are always the order of the day.
Our research focuses on designing pictures and products with simple shapes, clean and uncluttered appearance, particularly well-suited to kids room.



Our products have all fair-prices to make them as accessible as possible, while ensuring a decent wage to each worker and a long-life to our company and our partners.
We are not playing the price war ; only in stock items are on sale in full transparency. It is a trust relationship between you and us.


Quality, Arts & Crafts

Each product line is made in very small quantity to keep priority to high quality details, handicraft work and originality.
Our values are an integral part of our work and mainly determines the eco-design process for each product.
This allows us to offer the customization of many « made to order » products.



We design beyond fashion and trends. Our collections are permanent and can complete each other over the years.
All E-Glue kids room decor products bring a playful, graphic and colorful touch to any contemporary house !



E-Glue designs all their designs and locally make all their products for kids in a handcraft way.
Our « Made in France » commitment therefore ensures high quality materials and a great customer service from design to product then packaging to delivery.
Our small team is in tune with your requests 7/7 and strives to best meet and exceed your expectations.



As every parents, we love our creations and are proud of the products we sell. Your satisfaction and delight messages are our greatest rewards.