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♥ Balloon lamp Memory by Boris Klimek ♥ 

The designer Boris Klimek has distorted the balloon to turn it into an original balloon lamp for both kids or adult room in lack of magic childhood fantasy. Made in Czech Republic in a craft workshop, this mouth-blown glass lighting is available as wall or ceiling lamp, in 3 different sizes, in 9 colors and two glass finishes (matte or glossy) ! Opal white, red, orange, turquoise, blue, grey, yellow or apple green, the combinations are endless and leave the rest to your imagination. Isolated or in group, the lamp really bears a striking likeness with a Balloon, all the more reinforced with the textile cord that turns on/off the light if it is not connected directly to your switch.
This balloon lamp will decorate and illuminate your nursery or child’s room in a unique and poetic way. Feel free to contact us for further information or quote request.

Ballon Memory lamp for nursery or kids room by Boris Klimek


♥ Cute Joseph Bunny Lamp ♥ 

Joseph the Rabbit night light is utterly charming and adds so much to any nursery, playroom or kids room. Perfect as a bedside light happily sitting on your kids shelf or table all night long, it has quickly become essential in any nursery or kids room decor.
With their LED lighting, the night lights have a soft warm glow adapted to the little ones. But Joseph has something more, that of becoming an ideal companion watching over your baby or child at bedtime. In short, this lovely night light with its so adorable big ears and rotating head will allow baby or small child to sleep in peace.

Joseph the Rabbit night light for nursery, playroom or kids room


♥ Beautiful Minilum lamp with its wooden lampshade ♥ 

Made entirely in France, Minilum lamps were presented at Playtime Trade Show and Bon Marché last year. They have seduced a lot of children with their characters (robot) and animals (tiger, dinosaur, zebra, owl, raccoon) graphic designs and as many parents for their original and very decorative appearence (modern geometric patterns). Once switched on, the Minilum lamps show all their beauty by revealing the wood veining through the lampshade colors. The folded metal “feet” base is also important and extends the heads of the characters and animals with subtlety.
These kids bedside lamps can be an important piece for a modern bedroom decor. By the material quality, the design originality, the different patterns and colors, Minilum lamps are for children and big kids at heart.

Minilum bedside lamp for nursery or kids room by E-Glue Design


nice bed legs for kids room by quintus

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Decorative Bed Legs for Kids Rooms by Quintus

QUINTUS // first designer of children’s bed legs

Quintus brings finishing and colorful touch to your children’s bed legs ! This first bed leg designer offers different designs, patterns and solid colors to match their room decorations and accessories : the Wood collection for natural wood bed legs dressed with a nice silicon collar, Color for colorful bed legs to choose among a wide color chart, Graffiti and its Kids range for patterned bed legs ! Both collections, Premium for textured legs and high quality coatings as well as Light to enlighten the bedside rug, will also appeal to parents. It’s the little details that can make all the difference !

cute mountain cushions for kids room

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Wool mountain cushions for children's room by Three Bad Seeds

THREE BAD SEEDS // wool mountain cushions for kids room

Amanda Weiss designer for Three Bad Seeds has created a cute range of mountain shaped wool cushions inspired by nature, perfect as kids room decor accessories.

nice rocking tweety for kids

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blue metal rocking bird by Liyun Design Objects

LIYUN DESIGN OBJECTS // blue metal rocking bird

Very nice metal blue rocking bird for kids with wood beak by Liyun Design Objects. The object lines are just perfect, in short a very great shape of design. Coup de coeur.

floris hover :: wooden cars for boy kids room

accessories interior design toys and plushes
 wooden cars for childrens room by floris hover

FLORIS HOVER // wooden cars for childrens room

Beautiful wooden cars by Floris Hover have been featured at the Dutch Design Week. They are perfect as children room decor accessories, aren’t they ?