baby room ideas : jungle and safari animals

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In addition to baby names, Parents often wait for months before birth to find different sources of inspiration, listen to advice from home goods store to finally find the best baby room decorating ideas.
Although Internet research is easier, there are so much home decorating ideas blogs but few are truly dedicated to nursery design. We so decide to introduce the best baby room theme : jungle, savannah and safari animals.

Before choosing colors, furniture, materials and baby decorations, parents have to decide on their baby nursery theme, the surrounding decor in which it will grow for some years, can be source of many discussions. Jungle baby room decor wins general approval with safari animals like giraffe, elephant, lion and monkey.
E-glue home decorators have therefore focused on this baby decorating theme for their first collection of kids wall stickers by creating both original and comforting characters, and now offer other wall designs such as wall murals posters, wallpapers XXL, wood prints and posters.

  • Lovely Uma decorative wall pack comes in full kit or half-kit, containing respectively 8 or 4 safari wall stickers. By using a special manufacturing, EGlue wall decors look like they are stenciled on with paint and offer life size wall stickers to create a nursery as unique as your baby. E-Glue wall decals are made to order, size and color customized, and custom designed if needs be.

    Safari theme baby room, Giraffe Decals, Elephant Decals, Lion Decals, Monkey Decals by E-Glue design.

    E-GLUE CHILDRENS WALL DECALS // safari theme baby room

  • African Plain wall mural poster XXL also includes these kids favorite animals in a cute safari wall decor. Giraffe, elephant, lion and monkeys gather around a lake to have fun and take care of your baby. As jungle stickers, this wallpaper mural, kind of giant mural poster, is made to order according to your exact wall sizes.

    Safari baby room wall murals, Jungle kids room wallpaper with Giraffe, Elephant, Lion, Monkey

    E-GLUE WALL MURAL and WALLPAPER POSTER XXL // safari baby room wall decor

  • For more baby nursery decorating ideas, Eglue also offers beautiful children wallpapers that fit perfectly with the jungle theme. With its online color chart, the Hanging Monkeys wallart is a best-seller. It’s a cute wall decoration for any decor style baby room, as the Meerkats baby wallpaper.
    Decorating ideas, Safari Baby Room Wall Mural by E-Glue design studio

    E-GLUE KIDS ROOM WALLPAPERS // jungle baby room wallpaper stripes

    Decorating ideas, Baby Room wall decoration by E-Glue design studio

    E-GLUE BABY ROOM WALLPAPERS // safari baby room wallpaper

  • For small wall decoration, art prints, wooden or large size posters can be a nice decorative touch to any baby room.
    Prints, Monkey Poster for safari nursery decor or Jungle baby room by E-Glue design

    E-GLUE BABY ART PRINTS // monkey poster for safari nursery decor

    ABC alphabet poster for Baby shower gift by E-Glue design

    E-GLUE BABY POSTER // ABC alphabet print for baby nursery