boys room ideas : a beautiful dinosaur wallpaper mural

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Design wallpaper for modern kids room, dinosaur wall mural by E-Glue

E-GLUE STUDIO // custom wallpaper for Jurassic World and dinosaur room

You are looking for boys bedroom ideas for your kids room walls ? Our wallpaper catalog for children room decoration or baby nursery decor is enhanced with a new mural wall art

  • He loves dinosaurs and only talks about T-rex, velociraptor, stegosaur, triceratops, pterodactyl, brachiosaur and other raptors ? Moreover, he looks forward to the new Jurassic Park movie release date ?
  • On your part, with high standards of interior design, even for your kids bedroom, you want a great custom wallpaper printed to exact wall sizes, and you imagine a modern and unique wall mural, with some dominant trend colors like turquoise and various shades of green ? And finally, to top it off, a quick and easy wall decoration ?

Our new non-woven wallpaper Jurassic World meets all your expectations, both yours and your son’s ones. Your boy room decor must be adapted to his wall sizes and for that, our dinosaur wallpaper comes in wall mural XXL, with custom height and length, or panoramic wallpapers with choice of length or height only.

Dinosaur wall mural for boy children bedroom, Jurassic World theme

E-GLUE STUDIO // panoramic dinosaur wallpaper for boys kids room

Dinosaur custom wallpaper and Jurassic World wall mural for boys bedroom by E-Glue

E-GLUE STUDIO // dinosaur theme poster wallpaper for boys room decor

Recyclable and hypoallergenic, all our kids wall murals are printed on high quality non-woven wallpapers, on stripes of 100 cm wide for the huge murals XXL, that means for all our wall posters and panoramic wallpapers. What to play and fall asleep surrounding by a beautiful dinosaur wall scene, keeping a modern and trend interior design.