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kids panoramic wallpaper African plain


105,00 €

dispatched within 3 weeks

African plain // panoramic wall mural
200g/m2 premium non-woven wallpaper
comes in one stripe
available in full mural & half-murals

Select your width (in cm) according to the following indications :
• the width must be between 260 and 400 cm (per 20 cm) - 102,4" and 157,5" (per 7,9")
• the height is 100 cm (39,4")

* panoramic mural sizes in room setting picture :
260 x 100 cm - 102,4" x 39,4" (price : 105 euros)

* room furniture : © oeuf, llc

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Considering space as a blank page, e-glue offers much more than just simple decoration, brings illustration for kids to life with a highly detailed graphic design and gives the possibility to open a window of imagination, by transforming various supports into narrative spaces, where kids & parents can create, learn and have fun !

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