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Woodland Creatures and Forest Animal wall stickers by E-Glue Design Studio

E-GLUE DESIGN STUDIO // pack of forest animals wall decals

We still have to create various themes of wall stickers (including : snow, Cowboy & Indian) but our catalog grows little by little. Each decor pack is a permanent product, not from a seasonal collection, and some of them are for sale for nearly 10 years by continuing to delight young parents. We are trying to regularly launch new kids wall decals, in addition to other decor accessories for their rooms, among those our Minilum, Minipic and Earwigo very soon, within a few days. To be continued !

In the meantime, here are our last new pack of  Forest Animal wall decals for a breath of fresh air and sweet atmosphere.

  • 8 wall stickers are included into the full kit : Bear, Dear, Fox, Badger, Pine Tree, Squirrel, Woodpeckers and Weasel.
  • As for the other wall decorations, 4 wall decals has to be selected to compose your half-pack. Colors to choose, according to our online chart.

Woodland Animal wall stickers by design studio E-Glue are also suitable for children rooms, as well as baby nursery, both for boy or girl. Your color choice will fit for your child’s taste and sensibility. Newborn Baby Gift, Christmas Gift, Birthday Gift or out of event, our wall murals and wall stickers always delight young and old alike ! Feel free to contact us if you have any custom request.