kids wall decor : combining paint, wall stickers and wallpaper

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kids wall decals and wallpaper E-Glue


How E-Glue creates its designs ?
It’s not just about enlarging a children’s illustration, whatever its quality, and applying it onto the wall. The final medium must guide the design and a drawing intended to illustrate a text or a book cannot suddenly be resized to room-scale, seen in everyday life and become a decorative element. No !

E-Glue has worked, from the brand design to its kids’ wall decor, to turn children’s characters and their settings into original decorative elements, always keeping in mind to make them at once stylish and fun, make possible to apply them in different parts of a room, from the floor to the ceiling, and adapt them to sizes, furniture pieces and other decor accessories.

E-Glue has decided to limit the design of its wall decals for kids room with : 

  • two colors : a mainly one and an accent one that we always recommend clearer to bring out the simulated volumes.
  • animal characters : no human figures represented. Only animals bring the scene to life.
  • scenery without perspective : no trompe-l’oeil style or similar. Our wall decors are represented in two-dimensions, by playing with the full and empty spaces to bring out the simulated volumes. This requires a very conscientious work on outlines, lines and specific graphic details.

Simplicity finally requires a lot of work… More is less, certainly, but not less work ! It doesn’t matter, we put all of our energy, our experience and our hearts in each design. And our customers, you, give us all that love back ! Just read your many sweet comments on our guestbook.

large wall decals and wallpaper E-Glue for kids room


All those efforts, this desire to create, to do our best, allows us today to give you some kids room wall decoration suggestions or ideas, so as to :

  • well combine colors : paint colors, colors of wall stickers or room decor accessories.
  • well combine different wall decorations : kids wall stickers and wallpapers, murals and art prints.

Our kids wall decals, custom wallpapers and large murals are all made to order and can be adapted to your sizes, colors, etc…

Wall stickers color chart is regularly updated and now offers a lot of more and more subtle trendy colors : different shades of gray, olive, oasis, mustard, Bahamas blue, pastel turquoise, eggplant, carnation pink, dark green, dark blue…
The color possibilities for our wallpapers and XXL murals are endless as they are high quality printed on demand. This allows to finely match them with a painted wall, by giving us the manufacturer references (Farrow & Balls, Ressources, Little Greene, etc…) and/or with one or more wall decals applied on another wall.

The final result is stunning ! The multiple pictures shown in this post will probably give you some (affordable and amazing) kids’ room decorating ideas. Hope so 😉