arctic animal wall decals : a calm kids room decor

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arctic animals wall stickers by E-Glue design


Are you looking for the perfect way to decorate your nursery or children’s room ? There are so many options for decor it can be easy to get overwhelmed…
First, when you choose a paint color for your nursery, look for something classic that doesn’t feel too baby specific. And instead of painting a mural or details on the walls, use something that is easy to remove like wall decals by selecting a theme that works for a baby, a girl’s room or a boy’s room or both.

But, look no further ! Our new pack of icy Arctic Animal wall decals has the perfect designs which appeal to our younger counterparts, whilst looking minimalist and sleek. They are an eye catcher on any nursery or kids room. With a white or powder blue background, the design feels beautifully calm.

stickers animaux banquise - décoration murale chambre enfant par E-Glue Design


Let’s start by looking at this minimalist arctic animals collection ! And find all kids favorites :

  • a beautiful fir tree and some penguins making snowmen
  • polar bears Mummy and Dad playing with their baby bear cubs
  • two cute arctic hares on plant ski lifts
  • two nice hermine, one making an igloo, one eating an ice-cream
  • two seals watching this funny scene
  • without forgetting our lovely birds with their beanies and snowboots !


Thanks to the beautiful, minimalist design, all our characters also look great. These kids wall stickers are very fun for children to have in their space, be it their bedroom, their playroom but also among childhood professionals, in a waiting room, a hospital corridor, an optician, an orthodontist…
Our designs are timeless, not only in terms of design but your child’s life too ! You can play a game with your children by spotting the birds, hermines and polar bears, or use the characters to tell a story at bedtime. They’re not the sorts of design that your kids will forget soon. It’s the little details of their room that your kids will remember for years to come. And it will be the reason they want to spend time in a space.

With just some E-Glue wall decals, you can add a special touch to your kid’s room. The hardest thing is to choose which ones :)