e-glue winner of INPI Talents 2014 !

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e-glue kids wall decals, talent INPI 2014 category Design

E-GLUE TALENT INPI 2014 // design category (design lion : Frederique Vernillet)

E-GLUE, winner of the 2014 INPI Talents in Design category for Rhône-Alpes region and finalist at French national level. Delighted to represent little companies and give proof that despite our small business size, it is possible to develop a plan for industrial protection and allocate a budget in case of infringement.

“At 32, Marielle Baldelli and Sebastien Messerschmidt, illustrators and graphic designers, decide to embark on the wall design by targeting the world of children, still in its early stages. They then immediately innovate by creating giant wall stickers. One month after the launch of their website, their creativity is spotted by influential Deco bloggers in Australia and New York. This is the starting signal. They combine to their design talent an expertise in quality that stands out even more : the designs are made by a cutting technical process without any printing. No solvent, nor ink or other chemical… and parents make no mistake… As for children, they are at the heart of their inspiration. To offer little designers to find their own designs turned into wall decals ! A company that reminds us that the world of children is a source of inspiration and innovation … and that we can be only two people and have a market all over the world.”
– Christian Lemoine De La Salle for Fantastic Communication –