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© NAN GOLDIN // "bruno" - photographs of children (the guardian - 25 july 2011)

“I don’t photograph adults so much any more. I don’t have a child and, psychologically, my focus on them is a lot about me wishing that I did. But I am a godmother to friends’ children around the world – in Berlin, New York, Sweden and Italy. I don’t remember much ever feeling like a child, so maybe photographing them triggers memories. They are wild and magical, as if from another planet. And they haven’t been socially conditioned yet, so they can scream and express how they feel publicly. Sometimes I envy them… »

Le diaporama de Nan Goldin exposé l’été dernier à la Galerie Sprovieri (Londres, GB) et encore consultable sur le site du Guardian apporte un autre regard sur les enfants, bien loin des clichés de magazines.

Nan Goldin‘ slideshow exhibited last summer at Sprovieri Gallery (London, UK) and still available on The Guardian website puts children in new light, very different from magazine clichés.