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  • XXL snail & fern wall... 115 x 189 cm
  • XL cicada wall decal 113 x 120 cm
  • L baby ladybugs... 87 x 105 cm
  • L tahitian ants... 110 x 71 cm
  • M poppy wall decal 48 x 83 cm
  • M mummy ladybug... 40 x 43 cm
  • M queen bee wall decal 57 x 57 cm
  • M caterpillar wall... 54 x 50 cm
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choose your colors
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nature garden flowers theme kids wall decals pack

keep off the grass ! wall decals

E-GLUE pack of 8 wall decals 1XXL + 1XL + 2L + 4M

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dispatched within 2-5 working days

Everything is a good reason to party in this Green World ! Today, two baby ladybugs have born… and Mr. Cicada enjoys this day to the fullest, chirr !

* this wall sticker pack contains :
• (XXL) snail & fern : 115 x 189 cm
• (XL) cicada : 113 x 120 cm
• (L) baby ladybugs : 87 x 105 cm
• (L) tahitian ants : 110 x 71 cm
• (M) poppy : 48 x 83 cm
• (M) mummy ladybug : 40 x 43 cm
• (M) queen bee : 57 x 57 cm
• (M) caterpillar : 54 x 50 cm

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All e-glue products are made to order according to selected options and sent worldwide within 2-5 working days.

Our wide range of oversized wall decal themed packs offers full packs (8 wall stickers : 1XXL+1XL+2L+4M) or half-packs (4 wall stickers : 1(X)XL+1L+2M) to adapt to your needs.

Sorted by size, each design is sold as individual piece in our piece by piece section.

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The creative studio e-glue, specializing in kid's media, graphic design & illustration, has launched its first product with a unique collection of giant wall stickers with one goal in mind : creating original & high quality designs and going over some of kid-friendly standards such as savanna, jungle, pirates, dinosaurs, underwater world, robots, racing cars, princesses, dragon, outer space, etc...

All our wall decals are designed by our team and handmade in our workshop with Made in France high quality materials, therefore providing a great customer service from design to product then packaging to delivery.
Our shock-proof packagings have been designed for both short & long haul deliveries (stickers are sealed and wrapped in clear cello and bubble sheets, then put into round kraft and square tubes).

Our wall stickers are made from solid color matte vinyl film that is laser cut into shapes. Colors are much richer and pure than can be achieved through a printed process but it requires a long time to cut separately then hand-assemble each colored parts.
Specifically adapted for walls and other interior surfaces, our ultra-thin decals lay beautifully on surfaces for a realistic look as if it were painted on.
No solvent, ink or other chemical is applied to the surface of our wall decals ; e-glue can therefore guarantee a safe environment to kids.

Adhesive wall decals are suitable for almost all flat smooth surfaces that are clean and dry ; good up to 10 years indoors, they are completely removable, so safe to use on your home walls without worry about stickiness left behind.
All our wall stickers for kids are fully waterproof and suitable for both interior and exterior use ; they can thus turn any children's bathroom, bath or shower into a nice & fun place to be !

Quick & Easy ! Anyone can peel and stick a vinyl wall decal ; on top of that, each order comes with instructions, a plastic scraper for mounting and little surprise gifts...