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summer holidays 2017 : from July 22th to August 15th

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a great solution for installing your kids wall decals

27/02/2017 // news/photo album
Sloth wall stickers for kids room


You don’t have smooth walls, recommended for applying kids wall decals ? You would like to easily change your wall stickers to another children’s room or wall faces ? No problem !

Here’s another stylish and great solution to install your wall decals in a kids room or baby nursery. One of our clients has kindly shared it and sent us a picture via instagram to admire their sloth wall sticker applied onto wood panel.

  • get or make a wood panel or a canvas according to the wall decal dimensions.
  • paint it in white or in the desired color.
  • wait for 1-2 weeks to be sure the paint is fully dried.
  • apply your wall stickers as usual, as indicated in our instructions supplied with each order.

It’s so good to feel surrounded by attentive and caring friends to draw, play, sleep … and on top of that who decorate our room !

playtime paris :: january 28-30th, 2017

14/01/2017 // tradeshows
E-Glue featured at Playtime Paris end-January 2017

E-GLUE @ PLAYTIME PARIS from January 28 to 30, 2017

Our new kids room decor and accessories will be shown to our physical (store) retailers during Playtime Paris The International Children’s and Maternity trade show, at the Parc Floral from January 28th to 30th 2017 (stand B09). Come and appreciate the high quality of our Minilum lamps, as well as our Minipic prints and print-hangers Earwigo, all printed on wood, to have fun with styling and sourcing key pieces which will shine through in your child’s room !

Note to our customers : all orders placed from January 20th will be chronologically sent from February 3rd, 2017. Thanks for your understanding !

sales winter 2017 : let’s go !

11/01/2017 // offers/products

SALES WINTER 2017 // original accessories for kids room at low prices

Instagram E-Glue : follow us daily !

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After having started this year intensely, fulfilled with new products, the building of our new offices and then our move, we prepare the beginning of September with broad smiles and many projects.

Subscribe to E-Glue Instagram account to follow us (almost) daily, to keep informed, check out our latest breaking news about our designs and products for kids. Be aware of who manage a brand for kids like E-Glue, who create, how and where ? It gives meaning to products and services we consume.

prints on wood minipic

14/12/2015 // design studio/news/products
Prints on wood designs, Owl Poster printed on maple wood

MINIPIC OWL by E-GLUE // prints on wood designs

Why be limited to paper when we can now print onto nearly all medias ? The E-Glue studio looked into this matter and that’s how is born the new collection of prints on woodMinipic, but not only… Other children’s room accessories will be respectively featured through this blog, our social networks and newsletter.

Decorative Prints on Wood for Kids Minipic Tiger by E-Glue studio

MINIPIC TIGER by E-GLUE // decorative art prints on wood for kids room

For over a year, after testing many materials, colors, inks, wood suppliers, the results are finally here… and we are (very) happy ! Minipic prints are available in two sizes, A4 or A3, and different designs : owl, tiger, robot, crocodile, zebra and raccoon for the moment. We will regularly expand the range keeping the same concept : very graphic patterns, of heads of animals or characters, in several colors including black, adaptable to our magnetized print hangers Earwigo and to complete our Minilum lightings (availability : January 2016).

prints on wood and matched print hangers Minipic and Earwigo by E-Glue

MINIPIC and EARWIGO by E-GLUE // prints on wood and matched print hangers

All this new range of children’s decor accessories is made in France, printed on maple wood of 0.6 mm from vegetable inks by a certified eco-friendly workshop. Colors are bright, deep but subtly let the wood grain be visible.

kids wall stickers : forest animals theme

24/11/2015 // design studio/news/products
Woodland Creatures and Forest Animal wall stickers by E-Glue Design Studio

E-GLUE DESIGN STUDIO // pack of forest animals wall decals

We still have to create various themes of wall stickers (including : snow, Cowboy & Indian) but our catalog grows little by little. Each decor pack is a permanent product, not from a seasonal collection, and some of them are for sale for nearly 10 years by continuing to delight young parents. We are trying to regularly launch new kids wall decals, in addition to other decor accessories for their rooms, among those our Minilum, Minipic and Earwigo very soon, within a few days. To be continued !

In the meantime, here are our last new pack of  Forest Animal wall decals for a breath of fresh air and sweet atmosphere.

  • 8 wall stickers are included into the full kit : Bear, Dear, Fox, Badger, Pine Tree, Squirrel, Woodpeckers and Weasel.
  • As for the other wall decorations, 4 wall decals has to be selected to compose your half-pack. Colors to choose, according to our online chart.

Woodland Animal wall stickers by design studio E-Glue are also suitable for children rooms, as well as baby nursery, both for boy or girl. Your color choice will fit for your child’s taste and sensibility. Newborn Baby Gift, Christmas Gift, Birthday Gift or out of event, our wall murals and wall stickers always delight young and old alike ! Feel free to contact us if you have any custom request.

kids decor : dinosaur wall stickers for boy’s room

25/08/2015 // news/products
boys room dinosaur wall stickers - Jurassic World

E-GLUE STUDIO // dinosaur wall decals for Jurassic World themed kids boy room

At your request, we have designed other dinosaur wall stickers to complete the first decor pack Dinosaur Time. Various dinosaur wall decals are now available on the store with wall decorations came straight from Jurassic World such as large lianas and other lush plants :

  • Dinosaur Wall Stickers Diplodocus – XXL : 187 x 150 cm
  • Dinosaur Wall Stickers Parasaurolophus – XL : 115 x 138 cm
  • Dinosaur Wall Decals Triceratops – L : 75 x 100 cm
  • Dinosaur Wall Decals Dimetrodon – L : 113 x 65 cm
  • Dinosaur Wall Stickers Archaeopteryx – M1 : 87 x 54 cm
  • Dinosaur Wall Decals Archaeopteryx – M2 : 62 x 42 cm
  • Wall Stickers Large Lianas – M3 : 65 x 94 cm
  • Wall Stickers Lianas & Millipede – M4 : 42 x 34 cm

All our children wall stickers are sold in pack (full or half) but also individually, piece by piece, to arrange your boy’s room as best as possible and match the colors of his wall murals with decorative accessories.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question or specific request. We are always happy to assist you in any way.

baby room ideas : jungle and safari animals

13/06/2015 // news/products

Wall decals, Wall Murals Posters, Wallpapers

In addition to baby names, Parents often wait for months before birth to find different sources of inspiration, listen to advice from home goods store to finally find the best baby room decorating ideas.
Although Internet research is easier, there are so much home decorating ideas blogs but few are truly dedicated to nursery design. We so decide to introduce the best baby room theme : jungle, savannah and safari animals.

Before choosing colors, furniture, materials and baby decorations, parents have to decide on their baby nursery theme, the surrounding decor in which it will grow for some years, can be source of many discussions. Jungle baby room decor wins general approval with safari animals like giraffe, elephant, lion and monkey.
E-glue home decorators have therefore focused on this baby decorating theme for their first collection of kids wall stickers by creating both original and comforting characters, and now offer other wall designs such as wall murals posters, wallpapers XXL, wood prints and posters.

  • Lovely Uma decorative wall pack comes in full kit or half-kit, containing respectively 8 or 4 safari wall stickers. By using a special manufacturing, EGlue wall decors look like they are stenciled on with paint and offer life size wall stickers to create a nursery as unique as your baby. E-Glue wall decals are made to order, size and color customized, and custom designed if needs be.

    Safari theme baby room, Giraffe Decals, Elephant Decals, Lion Decals, Monkey Decals by E-Glue design.

    E-GLUE CHILDRENS WALL DECALS // safari theme baby room

  • African Plain wall mural poster XXL also includes these kids favorite animals in a cute safari wall decor. Giraffe, elephant, lion and monkeys gather around a lake to have fun and take care of your baby. As jungle stickers, this wallpaper mural, kind of giant mural poster, is made to order according to your exact wall sizes.

    Safari baby room wall murals, Jungle kids room wallpaper with Giraffe, Elephant, Lion, Monkey

    E-GLUE WALL MURAL and WALLPAPER POSTER XXL // safari baby room wall decor

  • For more baby nursery decorating ideas, Eglue also offers beautiful children wallpapers that fit perfectly with the jungle theme. With its online color chart, the Hanging Monkeys wallart is a best-seller. It’s a cute wall decoration for any decor style baby room, as the Meerkats baby wallpaper.
    Decorating ideas, Safari Baby Room Wall Mural by E-Glue design studio

    E-GLUE KIDS ROOM WALLPAPERS // jungle baby room wallpaper stripes

    Decorating ideas, Baby Room wall decoration by E-Glue design studio

    E-GLUE BABY ROOM WALLPAPERS // safari baby room wallpaper

  • For small wall decoration, art prints, wooden or large size posters can be a nice decorative touch to any baby room.
    Prints, Monkey Poster for safari nursery decor or Jungle baby room by E-Glue design

    E-GLUE BABY ART PRINTS // monkey poster for safari nursery decor

    ABC alphabet poster for Baby shower gift by E-Glue design

    E-GLUE BABY POSTER // ABC alphabet print for baby nursery

boys room ideas : a beautiful dinosaur wallpaper mural

22/05/2015 // design studio/news/products
Design wallpaper for modern kids room, dinosaur wall mural by E-Glue

E-GLUE STUDIO // custom wallpaper for Jurassic World and dinosaur room

You are looking for boys bedroom ideas for your kids room walls ? Our wallpaper catalog for children room decoration or baby nursery decor is enhanced with a new mural wall art

  • He loves dinosaurs and only talks about T-rex, velociraptor, stegosaur, triceratops, pterodactyl, brachiosaur and other raptors ? Moreover, he looks forward to the new Jurassic Park movie release date ?
  • On your part, with high standards of interior design, even for your kids bedroom, you want a great custom wallpaper printed to exact wall sizes, and you imagine a modern and unique wall mural, with some dominant trend colors like turquoise and various shades of green ? And finally, to top it off, a quick and easy wall decoration ?

Our new non-woven wallpaper Jurassic World meets all your expectations, both yours and your son’s ones. Your boy room decor must be adapted to his wall sizes and for that, our dinosaur wallpaper comes in wall mural XXL, with custom height and length, or panoramic wallpapers with choice of length or height only.

Dinosaur wall mural for boy children bedroom, Jurassic World theme

E-GLUE STUDIO // panoramic dinosaur wallpaper for boys kids room

Dinosaur custom wallpaper and Jurassic World wall mural for boys bedroom by E-Glue

E-GLUE STUDIO // dinosaur theme poster wallpaper for boys room decor

Recyclable and hypoallergenic, all our kids wall murals are printed on high quality non-woven wallpapers, on stripes of 100 cm wide for the huge murals XXL, that means for all our wall posters and panoramic wallpapers. What to play and fall asleep surrounding by a beautiful dinosaur wall scene, keeping a modern and trend interior design.